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We aim to provide an online solution to understand technology and easily grow and manage their businesses.

If you're not managing your own content, who is? Its time you "Take control". If you're still emailing your web developer to make changes to your own website then your online business is never going to realise its true potential.

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If you want to compete in the online industry you need to be able to take control of your online business and actively manage your own content.

A CMS (Content Management System) gives you the facility to easily, quickly and affordably manage your own website content, special offers, news and announcements. It allows you to develop social media interactivity with RSS feeds, sell your products online via a shopping cart and build your customer subscriptions to allow you to more effectively supply your customers with the information they are looking for.

Our designers and programmers sat down to solve the problem once and for all: to create a fully functioning Hotel CMS that gives the hotelier full control of their website while not tampering with the user experience and keeping the sales channel smooth and workable. We're proud to announce the Power Hotel CMS, a first in the hotel space.

WebLaunch Power Hotel CMS is an easy to use web-based system with dynamic real-time functionality, all managed through one central control panel and hosted with an external managed service to ensure you always have new features, updated security packages and access to the best Hotel CMS on the market. Allowing you to do what you do best... manage your own business.

As a complete CMS hosting solution we can implement a custom website design with tailor made web apps and modules to save you time and let your website do the heavy lifting for you.

Hotel CMS Features

  • Custom Design Implementation
  • Built Using HTML5
  • Manage Site Navigation
  • Multiple Pages
  • Multiple Sections
  • Web Analytics Enabled
  • Manage Customer Testimonials
  • Manage Photo-Galleries
  • Multi-Lingual Capabilities

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