Paid Marketing Campaigns

Covering your brand name, reaching interested customers, creating brand recognition are all parts of a successful online advertising campaign.

But what is the exact ratio between these, how to bid on the right keywords and more importantly which platforms to use for the best return are problems we've solved for hoteliers around the world.

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Online advertising campaigns aren't only about banner ads or bidding on keywords with search engines. There are dozens of precise platforms on which your hotel must be present in order to reach your customers.

First of all, know that up to 55% of your customers are going to OTAs to book in your hotel because your advertising campaigns don't cover your own brand name enough. However even when you're covering your brand name, realize that you aren't creating any new customers, you are just securing your existing position.

Reaching new customers start with being present on rate comparison sites and capturing interested travellers before they go and book with other hotels or on third party sites. Having a strong partnership with a specialized hotel marketing company permits you to reach platforms you wouldn't be able to reach as an individual.

Once your hotel is well represented on those platforms you can start targeting broad keywords and doing display ads to increase the brand recognition for your hotel. But which broad keywords will generate that reach, how to use the Facebook display ads platform to get the right people, those that will then come back and search for your hotel are questions we have answered and which we manage for a multitude of clients.

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